mt. kilimanjaro business consulting

A boutique consulting firm

Specialized expertise in Sub-Sahara Africa offering consulting and business services for the American and African business communities.

THe founder

The Company’s founder is a former Fortune 500 Finance Executive who spent 16 years living, working, and investing in Tanzania, East Africa.

The Opportunity

Real GDP per capita growth in Sub-Sahara Africa has not kept pace with or experienced the growth curve we have seen in all other regions;

However, prosperity levels are growing and the Continent’s young and expanding population of 1.5 billion represents and untapped receptive market.  Sub-Sahara Africa is the last investment frontier.  Unlocking the value in this market creates viable opportunities for American and African businesses

  • For American businesses, the time to expand and invest in Africa has come, the legal, financial, and physical infrastructure in Africa is rapidly improving, human capital resources are maturing, policy frameworks are supportive, and supply chains are becoming robust.


  • For African businesses and entrepreneurs, the time to seek meaningful engagement with US markets has never been better.   America represents an mature market for the productive agricultural output of the continent . American expertise, capital, experience, and market depth can be sourced to support building, scaling, and sustaining local business operations.

“Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.”

– Victor Hugo

The company

Consulting and business services for the American and African business communities.

For American middle market and larger enterprises

  • Preparing entry strategy roadmaps Efficient and effective plans that leverage a company’s business model in a risk-sensitive manner adapted to local market business practices, conditions, and operating challenges.
  • Supporting African market due diligence activities.
  • Providing assistance in identifying local partners, acquisition candidates, establishing and staffing rep offices, and arranging industry and government introductions and meetings
  • Undertaking special projects,

For African business owners and entrepreneurs

  • Providing multi-disciplinary strategic business exit planning support designed to increase business multiples at exit.
  • Supplying remote fractional CFO services to assist companies in building world-class finance organizations in their businesses
  • Supporting Merger and Acquisition activities for African companies looking to enter the US market or that wish to bring in US partners into local businesses.
  • Providing fund raising support and guidance (debt, equity, grants)

Specialty areas of focus/expertise

East Africa – Tanzania and Kenya

Renewable Energy – On and off-grid solar and hydropower projects

Agriculture/Agro-processing – for export markets

Mineral Industry projects – processing activities and commodity export

Logistics and supply chain – African domestic markets

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